Up-cycling Process

Did you know acrylic is widely used across a number of industries and thus, there is a considerable amount of post consumer acrylic clogging up the landfills across the world.

At Curated Curiosities, the materials we use to make our jewels come from discarded acrylic (PMMA) products at the end of their lifetime or acrylic & wood procured from industria sites & workshops. We RE-FASH these waste materials and turn them into basic but not so basic accessories for all your perfect and not so perfect moments.These acrylic sheets would be thrown into trash cans, but instead we take them and up-cycle them and use them for our jewellery. By up-cycling these waste acrylic sheets we reduce the CO2 emission by 97%. The jewellery we make is not only up-cycled but can also be recycled again and turned into newer pieces.

From ensuring supply chain transparency to partnering with businesses that care, we’re learning and listening to unearth the most pressing social issue facing our planet, Reducing Plastic Waste.