About Us

Curated Curiosities is a jewellery brand based in Mumbai, we aim at creating baubles that are sustainable yet super fashionable using waste fabric, acrylic & wood.

Our brand started of as a passion project for Mitanshi around Mid 2019 with hardly a few pieces and established into a bigger story in late 2020 with a full collection. What led to it was the little appreciation we got from friends & family. With each collection we learnt something new. Travel was the driving force that kept us going. As a brand we work on making ageless jewellery that is fun to wear, versatile and can remain with you for eternity. They are intended to be an augmentation of your personal style and story.

Our brand aesthetic is Fun & Flirty. There is a lot of trial & error involved in our creative process till we love a piece but in the end it all comes together. Our designs are made in small batches, a lot of experimentation and attention to detail goes into it especially in terms of shapes, sizes & colors.




Mitanshi started the label back in 2019 as a passion project, later next year in 2020 Prerna got on board. An emerging friendship of 7 years fueled by their eclectic taste in fashion, sushi, and gin. Mitanshi Shah & Prerna Kishnani re-branded & launched as Curated Curiosities in May 2021. They wanted to do something fun & unique with a little freshness. They both love the summer and always crave a holiday, and that’s what their accessories are about, perfect companions for those who are always on a vacation state of mind! From their first day till today- their world involves everything from drawing inspiration out of everyday things around them, sketching, assembling each and every piece by hand, to a photo shoot. They’ve got a million ideas on how to keep building the brand of their dreams and share it with you guys. Stay tuned & Stay Curious ; )